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    At the wedding parties, beauty will be lent by Louisa�s fine fiddling. Louisa is popular by his wide selection of traditional fiddle tunes, light classical pieces and other different palm court selections like for instance the tangos, waltzes, the jazz standard styles, and gypsy. The music is normally played for like 30 minutes just before the event commences as they wait for the people to arrive.

    They follow thereafter closely with a particular professional piece as at the time the bride arrives, this is also a certain piece that is meant when the time to sign the license arrives and a piece that is set at the end of the ceremony and during the recessional period.

    They have also in place some other favorite pieces that will be heard at the after-ceremony canap�s and drinks. At the actual ceremony, Louisa will do a mix of different styles just right during the after-ceremony drinks and usually, it�s the couple that will choose their preferred music style.

    1. Menuet in G by Beethoven

    2. Menuet by Telemann

    3. Mairi�s Wedding (trad. Scottish)

    4. Merrily Kiss The Quaker�s Wife (trad. jig)

    5. The New Land (trad. style waltz)