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This is actually among the most popular Western Australia and actually the longest established band. This great band comprises of popular artists like Peter Woodward of the vocals, guitar, and foot, Sean Giggins known for the vocals and the slap style double bass and also not forgetting Scott Wise in the list with his harmonica, mandolin, and vocals too. The band gained popularity for a presentation of high energy country blues tunes.

This popular band has best tried to remain all through faithful to the different early blues players style but it�s known to have such a unique sound that is known to both the young people and the old and backgrounds as clearly shown by the joyous crowd when live gigs are presented, their strong sale of CD and also their regular airplay on public radio and ABC.

The personalities and history of old days blues is ever the talk of the town by the Shooters and they can actually play intimate acoustic concert sets quietly to any select crowd. The Shooters are also there for those who have a crowd and that they need to dance and in possession of a sound system and room, they are there to make everything wonderful all through to the end. The band has been before been described as the most powerful one that has ever been heard by Australian bluesman Legendary Phil Manning.

All over Australia, these popular shooters have featured in different music events. They have always been identified as the favorite crew at different festivals like Port Fairy Folk event, the Goulburn Blues, they have had an opportunity to play at Woodford Folk event, the Blues at Bridgetown at WA, the National Folk Festival is done in Canberra, the Basement Sydney event and many others. Peter started playing country blues since 1979 but Scott actually started it early in 1968. They have made this for quite some time till country blues evolvement to rock. Since the band was established, it has made to do four CD recordings and Crooked Roots being their latest.


The band has four CD recordings available. You can see details of all of them by clicking on the picture, which is the back cover of their latest CD �Crooked Roots�.

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You can contact the Ten Cent Shooters by e mailing Scott through the contact page on this site or contact Sean or Peter as follows:

Sean Diggins   diggo@westnet.com.au ph 0417979692

Peter Woodward   peterwoodward@westnet.com.au ph0419048546