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The calendar of ten cent shooters

They have got a tight schedule, to start with, from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th on every January, they will perform at the Cygnet Festival, it is followed by presentations at the Royal Oak Hotel on Wednesday 17th January, on date 18 the same month, a presentation at Brookfield Vineyard, Presentation of a concert on 19th January at Albert Park Yacht Club by a person called Margate Tasmania. At the same month on 20th Saturday, a presentation by ph Cliff Ellery. This is quite the moments of rejoicing and anyone who needs them at any time different from their schedule should not hesitate to call them. On Sunday 24th the same month, they will have a representation at Geelong, the Limelight Lounge and at the Sleepy Hollow Blues Club. As from Thursday date 25th to around Sunday date 28th, they will attend Newstead Live Music event at Newstead Victoria.