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This great musician in Australia started playing guitar when she was in high school in the year 1967 after being shown by a friend some few guitar chords. When she advanced to the university, she got a chance to learn some pieces and bits and they later discovered some great secrets of blues harmonica. She later made it play a blues duo with Robert Searls who was an accomplished guitarist already. The duo continued for quite some time till the time the guitarist Robert Searls formed his rock band called Mud and Scott actually joined this band as his first one ever. This band was just quite eclectic and Scott had an opportunity to learn some kind of contemporary songs that includes the likes of The Band, Richard Thompson, Grateful Dead, and Jackson Browne among others. All worked for Scott while still in the university working on his degree in geology.

Scott continued with his passion for playing music all through with other different blues, acoustic and country bands right after making to complete his university in 1973. She later discovered an aptitude for repairing instruments and made a step to establish a home workshop after some time of working in a music shop. In 1978, she ventured into instrument making after his growing reputation all over Australia as a repairer. This is the time she got an opportunity to spend more time with his family after leaving his uncertain life of working as a musician full time. His reputation made him remain in demand as a guitarist but still continued to tour and work as a musician of different bands. This musician found himself in English and Celtic folk, bluegrass, punk-influenced pop music, acoustic blues, country-rock, rhythm, and the blues throughout the 1970s and somewhere early 1980s. This was actually the best time when he gained valuable experience all through.

In the year 1979, he started a career as a luthier and much concentration was placed on acoustic music. Still, he never stopped playing his side guitar, mandolin, and harmonica and also guitar in different settings and events and all these went successful as he obtained a great outlet in two bands for these outlets. At the early times of Ten Cents Shooters band, he made to join the guitarist Peter Woodward and ever since he has been playing with this expert all through fairly. The musician met with Louisa his multi-talented wife at the moment he joined Bungarra band in 1980. Since this time, they have played it together and you will actually find all details of what they have since recorded, the band they established at the family level and other accomplishments just right at their pages. Scott has gotten an opportunity to appear on different recordings apart from performing as a musician. With his wife Louisa, he has produced on an own recording device all their recordings. This is not actually all; he made to record and composes for different films, theatre and also television. The latest film works by this musician was screened on SBS a television channel and it was named Birthrites.

In his lifetime, he has fallen into two different marriages, he was blessed with two daughters, Isobel, and Barbara in the first marriage, thereafter he has three daughters with Louisa, namely Lucy, Ruth, and Rowena. In the year 1998, he attended a workshop at Puget Sound Guitar when he realized mistakes of his ways right after starting out this career without any formal training for the same with Bob Brozman. He later on after completion in 2000 learned with Scott Nygaard a little Flatpicking and with Mike Bristow some slack key performances. He went a step ahead to learn some fiddle at Ashokan Fiddle and Dance camping site with someone called Jay Ungar. In the following year, that is 2002, at the Australian National Folk event he got a chance to attend the Easter music classes where he studied with expert Tony McManus for a few days. Until now, he has continued to play music to his best.