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All available CDs of Scott and Louisa and the Wise Family Band are here, also those of the Ten Cent Shooters and Bungarra. We also have some remaining cassette and vinyl copies of earlier albums. If you’re really keen, we can make you a CD copy of the remastered earlier tracks. To purchase recordings please contact us


HARBOUR LIGHTS Bungarra recorded this first in 1983 live to 2 track. People were wearing their original cassettes out so in 1999 Scott remastered the original reels for CD.


WINTERBEACH SL005 The fifth recording, and first CD for Scott and Louisa. 13 original songs and tunes.


FIDDLEWOOD SL006 Traditional and original fiddle tunes and songs with fiddle, plus other instrumentals. 19 tracks recorded between 1985 and 1993.

THIS BLUE WORLD SLCD03 1999 recording of 21 of Louisa’s recent works. 72 minutes!

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SWEET CHILD SLCD04 Released in 2002, the Wise Family Band’s debut album. 13 charming tracks ranging from traditional fiddle tunes and songs to domestic blues songs. No longer available


HOLD UP THE SKY SLCD07 Released in 2006, another selection of traditional and original songs and tunes. Louisa’s fine song “Camille Claudel” finally gets a release. The CD is named for Scott’s song Hold Up The Sky” Some special appearances from friends too.


HOP 10CD01 The debut recording for the Ten Cent Shooters Scott and Woody had been playing together 14 years when they recorded this, with Sean a relative newcomer on bass bringing a fantastic energy to these country blues classics.

SWEET TO MAMA 10CD02 This second CD followed the great success of Hop with frequent radio airplay of the title track. It is still in demand.


WILD ABOUT IT 10CD03 All the Shooters recordings are live works - no multi tracking or overdubs. This one was recorded live into a stereo ms condenser mic pair in a winery tank room - quite a sound.


CROOKED ROOTS 10CD04 The latest. Recorded live in the studio through a ribbon ms pair. 13 tracks with smooth sound and great energy.

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MAGIC FIDDLE SLCD05 Released in 2004,this second offering of the Wise Family Band features more great songs and tunes, traditional and contemporary, with more sophisticated arrangements and harmonies.

A review from Mike Cooper in Froots magazine 2004.

  • A CD from some of Australia's best performers, The Wise Family Band from Margaret River in Western Australia go from strength to strength as the three daughters Ruth, Lucy and Rowena continue to grow musically as well as physically, Father Scott and mother Louisa bring them all together here for another selection of reels, rags, gospel, blues and traditional Scottish, English and Irish songs and tunes of the family kind, I recently heard someone say, "Look to your past to secure your future", It looks pretty secure down around the Wise country, I would say, Five voices in harmony, four fiddle players, guitar, mandolin, slide guitar. Lock your kids in their room and make 'em Iisten to this, I say.  www.slwise.com.au.