Alternative Power: Making Use Of Energy Star Water Heaters

Energy Star water heaters entered the market in January 2009, with only five models available. The Energy Star program makes a great opportunity for anyone trying to build or make an energy efficient home. Depending on the house, the climate and the heating system, the home owner can make savings between 7.5% and 55%. More and more people are expected to start using Energy Star water heaters as alternative power sources because they can save a huge amount of natural gas and electricity, not to mention that millions of tons of carbon dioxide no longer get in the atmosphere.

1. High-efficiency gas storage Energy Star water heaters are very well insulated which makes them so effective at delivering the kind of comfort one needs around the house.

2. A different model of Energy water heaters use gas condensing to capture heat.

3. You can also obtain water heaters that will only heat water on demand; they are tankless, and they can be used to support the entire household.

4. Heat pump Energy Star water heaters are another viable option. Electricity is used to take the heat from the air and transfer it to the water.

5. Solar water heaters with an expert certification could also be a great choice for your house.

The Energy Star water heaters accepted for the tax credit include the solar water heaters, the electric heat pump water heaters and the gas, oil or propane water heaters (with or without tanks). You can’t apply for a tax credit with an electric storage tank water heater and the electric tankless water heater. The tax credit saves around thirty percent of the costs of the heaters and labor or installation costs may be included, depending on the case .

It is important to check the certification of the equipments that you purchase, to make sure that you meet all the requirements of the federal tax credit program, and you don’t face rejection from the authorities in charge. Energy Star water heaters can be brought from several well-reputed designers, but the real trick is to find the one that best meets your home conditions, the specifics of the location, the family needs and the climate (just like the case if you’re going to build a solar panel).

When you read forum posts or product reviews on the Internet, it is advisable to find out what people in your state are using and how glad they are with a certain model. You are most likely to get some conclusive answers to your questions, if you know where to look for. It’s much easier to come up with the appropriate model of Energy Star water heaters as alternative power source for your own home.

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