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The popular Margaret River musicians Louisa Wise and Scott have gone viral and has more information about these musicians can be great. These are popular Australian musicians who have made it to produce traditional music, popular in making stringed instruments and also songwriting. Herein you will find a lot about our music-related activities, keep reading to get more.


Equipment Hiring:

Equipment: If you're hiring a lighting crew, these lighting tips can be helpfull, there's also an option to go for which allows them to bring their own equipment. This can be a cheaper option if you haven't invested in lights yet but also means that you'll need to talk to them about that equipment, take a look and see if it is meant for the kind of effects and backdrops you're looking to add. More often than not it will work, since they are professionals and they have access to a wider variety of lights, it's still important to check it to prevent last-minute issues.

Scott and Louisa Wise

The Wise Family Band

The Ten Cent Shooters

Bungarra String Band

Wedding Music

Fine acoustic guitars, mandolins, ukuleles and violins by Scott Wise

Lutherie Supplies

L.R. Baggs Pickups and Electronics

aLaska Piks

Bulk strings

Music Band Australia and Ten Cent Shooters - Wedding Music